Silver Spotted Skipper


Title: Silver-Spotted Skipper

I encountered this beautiful butterfly while out hiking at Goll Woods in Northwest Ohio.


The Path…

The Path

Title: The Path

Last Saturday (8/19/17) I went hiking at Goll Woods located in Northwest Ohio. I love hiking here because most of the time, it feels like you are completely alone in the woods. It’s so beautiful and peaceful. I could stay out on the trails forever. If you ever find yourself cruising through the area… I would definitely recommend Goll Woods as a place to stop and stretch your legs.

If interested, I have several prints available for sale. Just head on over to the contact page and let me know.


Solar Eclipse 2017

Solar Eclipse 8/21/2017

Well here it is… my attempt at photographing the Solar Eclipse yesterday. At first I was bummed by the abundance of clouds in the sky. Looking at it now, I feel that the clouds add something to the overall image.  We didn’t get full coverage here in Montpelier, Ohio, but it was still super cool!

A “Deer” Family…


Collection Title: A “Deer” Family…

I see this doe and her 2 fawns on a daily basis. As I was watching them on this particular occasion, I was delighted to see the buck as well. It was nice to see them all together… one big happy “deer” family.  Captured on my farm in Montpelier, Ohio 8/17/17.

Prints available! If interested head on over to the contact page and let me know.