Let me in…

Title: Let Me In
Montpelier, Ohio
January 4, 2020

Every morning my cats wake me up wanting to go outside for a little bit. Today was no different so I let them out for awhile. Then I decided I would just relax for a bit. I was just laying on the couch watching TV when suddenly I felt like I was being watched. I looked over thinking it was probably my kitties wanting back in. Instead I saw all these deer watching me. A few minutes later my cat, Angel, came to the window. The deer kept watching her in wonder. Angel didn’t seem to want anything to do with them though. In the second photo she has this look on her face that looks like she’s saying, “Mommy please let me in.”

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The Wolf…


The Wolf…

As the moon rises,
And you hear the wolf howl,
You feel so alive,
The wolf is out on the prowl.
He hunts for a moose,
Or maybe a deer,
He stalks for his prey,
Out of darkness he appears.
The deer start to run,
Swiftly he chases,
One deer falls behind,
Inside his heart races.
The deer turns around,
Wolf and prey lock eyes,
A conversation is had,
The deer will survive.
The wolf wanders away,
And howls in the night,
And you feel his spirit,
In your soul tonight…

Copyright Lisa Geleide 2019